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Learning Ladder

Students will have a learning ladder and need to identify how far up it they are. They then need to state how they could climb higher or why they think they are at the top.

Get your pupils to track their learning up the ladder and encourage them to be reflective about their progress.

Launch Resource

This activity is a short reflection to assess learning which can be used during the lesson or as a plenary. Pupils will require the worksheet which is available with this resource.
Pupils are to imagine their learning is demonstrated by them climbing a ladder, the further they are up the ladder the more successful they are being with the task they have been set.
Step one is to consider where they would be on the ladder and mark this with an arrow. (You may wish to share the lesson objectives or assessment criteria at this point to help guide their thinking).
Pupils are then to record on the worksheet how they think they could improve. This can be supported through paired discussion or by referring back to the assessment criteria you have given them.
This ladder can be revisited during the lesson or during future lessons if this is an on-going topic.

Instructions: [Download]

Learning Ladder