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This is a carousel activity where students think of a word, stand up and say it to another person who gives the meaning. They then repeat the process with another person.

Use words and their meanings to assess pupils understanding of the lesson and subject matter. Let the pupils manage the learning.

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This is an AfL activity that can be used at any point during the lesson or adapted easily into a starter or plenary.
Allow pupils a short period of time to think of words related to the lesson topic and their meaning. You may wish to let pupils write these down.
Randomly select one pupil and ask them to stand up and say their word.
They are then to point at another pupil who must stand up and say what they think is the meaning of the word. If incorrect another member of the class could help them. They then repeat the exercise by pointing at a new person and asking them for the meaning of the new word they say.
To manage this exercise you will also need a class list to record who has been asked to stand up, alternatively you could leave pupils standing once they have had their go.

Instructions: [Download]

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