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Students have a set of questions and multiple pieces of text. They must try to identify which questions are relevant to the text they have and try to answer them. They then swap and repeat the process.

Test pupils through giving them a range of questions for a piece of text but only some of them can be answered.

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The aim of this task is for pupils to analyse a piece of text through questions, however pupils will also need to analyse the questions to see which fits the text they have been given.
Each person is given a different piece of text (you may wish to have 3 or 4 different pieces). They are also given a set of questions, however only some of these questions are relevant to their piece of text. Pupils answer the questions that fit their piece of text.
Once completed pupils then swap the piece of text and repeat the process of identifying which questions fit the new piece of text and answering them.
This can be repeated as many times as necessary and to add a further dimension you could time how long pupils have access to each piece of text.
By the end of the activity pupils should have answered all questions using the various pieces of text.

Instructions: [Download]