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Students are given a set of statements and have 30 seconds to decide which is the odd one out and why. They are then asked to feedback their answers to the class.

In this task pupils are given various written statement. Using these they are then to identify and justify the odd ones out.

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As the title of this exercise indicates this is an exercise where pupils are given a set of statements and they need to decide which the odd ones are. These can be used to set the aims of the lesson or as an AfL exercise during the lesson to check pupils understanding.
Prior to the lesson you will need to prepare a set of statements which are true or false.
Issue these statements to the pupils. If necessary give them time to read them. Then using the 30 second timer on the resource they are to decide which of the statements are true. (Pace is important to this exercise to make the pupils be decisive, hence the short time).
If you wish to you could give pupils one pair of statements which differ from pupil to pupil (e.g. you could have 4 or 5 different pairs). Then pupils could swap statements and repeat the exercise as many times as necessary.

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Odd One Out