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Predictions GAP

Students read part of a text then predict what will come next. They then read the second part and compare it to their predictions. The text has GAP assigned to show the level of challenge.

Challenge your pupils thinking by asking them to predict what comes next from a piece of text related to the lesson.

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The aim of the exercise is to challenge pupils to think about what they have read and then predict what will follow.
You will need to provide pupils with a piece of text which is broken down into chunks (ideally on separate pages so they cannot glance at the following piece).
Pupils are to read the first piece of text and then write down their predictions as to what will follow.
Pupils can then read the next piece of text and then compare their answers with what they have read.
Be aware that this is an activity designed to focus on the pupils and not teacher talk. Be concise in your explanation.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Predictions GAP