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Question the task GAP

Working in groups, students are to create questions related to the task. They are then to quiz the class using GAP to challenge through requiring explanation and justification.

Encourage pupils to work in groups through designing their own quizes which they use to compete against each other.

Launch Resource

The aim of this exercise is for pupils to carry out a plenary through pupils working in groups. Pupils will generate questions related to the lessons tasks and then be asked to present the questions for the rest of the class to answer.
Start by working in groups of 4 to generate the questions, a 3 minute timer is available on the resource.
The next stage is for groups to join up and answer each other’s questions. Pupils are to answer the questions as individuals. At the end all the group members scores are totalled to give a group score.
Pupils will need a pen and a piece of paper.
Don’t have an interactive whiteboard….
Use a stopwatch to time each activity and countdown how long is left.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Question the task GAP