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Question time GAP

Students are to visit a range of questions around the room and answer them. The questions are differentiated using GAP. They are then to revisit and compare their answers to the others.

Get pupils moving by arranging questions around your classroom for them to visit. Also get them to reflect on each others answers.

Launch Resource

The aim of the exercise is to place large sheets around the room with different questions on them based upon the subject pupils are studying. Pupils in pairs rotate in groups to answer the questions by writing on the large question sheet. Eventually the sheet builds up a range of answers from different pupils.
The resource has a 2 minute timer.
Pupils are expected to visit each question and then return to the first question they answered where they will summarise the answers given.
If using the resource you can replay the timer according to the number of questions to be visited.
Don’t have an interactive whiteboard….
Use a stopwatch to time each activity and countdown how long is left.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Question Time  GAP