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Q- Time Questioning


Good questioning is a skill that sadly often does not get the attention that it deserves. As a tool within the classroom, it is essential to assessing students’ progress and ensuring that the pitch of the lesson is both challenging and supportive.



Q-Time Questioning has been devised to give a structure to your questioning activities to guarantee that the information it provides is informative and detailed.

To increase your chances of having high quality questioning sessions try the Q-Time 4 step approach- Question, Quiet, Quiz & Query.





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Often the key component preventing high quality questioning is prior planning. Taking time to think through the questions you will pose to your students is more likely to reap high quality dividends. Use the Question Planning Cards available to download below. Consider printing and laminating so that you can reuse them quickly. Finally consider giving them to your students and let them become the questioners!

To support you in delivering your structured, Q-Time Questions try using our resources below:




Q-Time Questioning, our 4-part strategy to planned questions with various timers to help you develop a structured approach.



Bouncing Questions, a variation of the Q-Time approach which encourages the students to take the lead.