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Infographics- Learning Mats


Lesson Infographic Learning Mats are a simple way to outline the lesson structure and tasks for your students to follow. They inform students as to what the sequence of tasks will be so that they can see how their learning will progress, along with providing other useful information:




Lesson Infographic Learning Mats are designed to be used with the Lesson Infographics located with each resource on the Standout Teaching website. They can be easily copied and pasted into the worksheet direct from the site to save you valuable time. To see how to do this along with how to modify the timings on the Lesson Doughnut please watch the tutorial.


We have a range of templates for you to use to support you with the use and delivery of Lesson Infographic Learning Mats. Examples are available below to download and use:

4-part-lesson 5-part-lesson 6-part-lesson

**Please note: These templates are Microsoft Word documents and contain an adaptable Lesson Doughnut chart. This is an embedded Microsoft Excel Chart, which can be selected and modified. For guidance on how to do this please see the video tutorial on this page.