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Student 1st Teaching


Student First Teaching is about putting the student at the heart of the learning process by allowing them to take control of how they learn.



When planning your lessons Student First Teaching takes the view point of the student at every opportunity and tailors teaching strategies and tasks so that students can take ownership of them within their learning.

The central line of thinking to student first teaching is to place the student at the heart of all aspects of the lesson.


Based around 5 key elements, Student First Teaching is designed to be simple to follow and implement. The 5 elements are Student Focus, Core Teaching and Learning, Planning, Creating Resources and Delivery of the lesson.



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Please take a look at our range of downloads that provide in-depth detail about what Student 1st Teaching is and how to plan your lessons using it.


Student First Teaching is about having all the correct pieces in the correct order to support student centred learning.

The ‘Lesson Sketch Plan’ is a simple, easy to use and effective template to support the sequence of planning to ensure everything fits together perfectly. Decide on your learning, enter your activities then cross-reference your support and you are done. Designed to be sketched, yet detailed enough to ensure success, this approach is the Student First way in a planning format.



To ensure that your micro learning activities are focussed on students ‘doing’ follow the 70-20-10 rule and design your resources so that students can ‘pull’ them to support their work. To support this use the ‘Pull’ resource planner that helps you plan your activities following the 70-10-10 model.