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‘BIG’ Assessment




Assessment is a key tool to any lesson to ensure that students make progress. Teachers will often invest many hours in providing useful feedback comments to demonstrate the strengths and areas to develop in relation to a piece of work, understanding or skill. However students are not the given the opportunity to act upon this feedback in a way which will enable them to develop. This is where BIG assessment supports the full assessment and feedback cycle to ensure that it maximises the benefits.


The BIG Assessment model

BIG assessment is based around 3 key areas-

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This is the piece of work that is undertaken which will then act as a baseline to measure improvement against
I Assessment.fw


This is the feedback that students receive either from self-reflection, peer assessment or teacher feedback.
G Assessment.fw


This is the opportunity, built into the lesson for students to apply the guidance from their feedback to improve their understanding or skill by feeding forward.


Identifying key pieces of work, providing detailed feedback with specific areas to develop and then building in allocated time within lessons to apply the feedback provides a complete cycle of assessment and feedback that will ensure students develop and maximise their learning and ultimately progress.


‘BIG’ Assessment paper

Try our range of BIG Assessment paper. Each has a different angle on addressing the use of feedback to improve work but with the same end goal. Download, print and copy.

BIG Paper downlaod BIG Blank Lined Check download Blank Check Download STAR paper download STAR and Green pen